Hi friends, my name is Jonas.

I’m a Software Engineer at this little bank called JP Morgan.

I’m also a professional Marketer and Speaker. At times I work up the courage to exercise my hobby of writing to share thoughts and experiences in this small corner of the world wide web.

My professional journey has been a weird one: I studied business and marketing at university and went on to succeed with my first failed startup company. I then worked at Nobox, a creative marketing agency that did work for clients like Netflix and Pepsi in Latin America. My next gig was as a data scientist and consultant for several companies in South Florida. Eventually, I wanted more permanent work where I could learn from more experienced programmers and joined JP Morgan in Houston, Texas as a Software Engineer working for the Energy Trading Desk.

All of it has been a trip about prioritizing experiences with no specific destination in mind. I’m a proud jack of all trades and master of none, as I’ve found it more interesting and helpful than being a master of one.

If you would ever like to get in touch, please say hi via email!